Sawasdee Beauty Spa in Doha

Searching for the best beauty spa in Doha, Qatar ??!!
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Then you' ve come to the right place! Benefits of Beauty Spa Treatment are endless;

► Disengaged from work, family and friends.
► Slow down and allows the body to re-generate.
► Stimulates the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins.
► Releases Serotonin and enhancing the “feel good” factors.
► Heat treatments to stimulate blood circulation and initiate purifying process.
► Water is yin and yang – when body is submerged in water, it offers true balance.
► Improves blood circulation hence sending more oxygen and nutrients through the body and cells.
► Body exfoliating treatments polishes the skin, promotes cells re-generation, refines pores and offers skin relief.
► Body wraps to re-mineralise the body, re-charge the body with nutrients and elements, boosting moisture in the skin, helping to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind.

and many more...

Beauty Spa - It is necessary to escape into another world due to our busy work schedule. There are lots of health benefits to shun all external stimuli and work on our inner selves –from a couple of hours to a few weeks.
Sawasdee Beauty and Thai Spa also do manicure, pedicure, foot spa, paraffin wax, nail arts, nail extension, gel refill, gel colour, waxing, threading, hair treatment, hair wash and blow-dry, haircut, hair colour and that's why we're the best beauty spa in Doha, Qatar.

Thai Beauty Spa in Doha

Sawasdee Thai Beauty Spa in Doha, Qatar


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